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10 writing tips to help you get unstuck

1. Just write

Writing it out allows you to do a brain dump that will clear your mind for the ideas to come. Sometimes we can put pressure on ourselves to write the perfect message, book, etc. Just writing it out gives us a sense of freedom.

2. Get out of your head

The most common place to get stuck is in our heads. Sometimes we have a million thoughts, doubt ourselves, overthink or convince ourselves that we can’t do it. Getting out of our heads allows us to be in the present moment to think clearly about what we are trying to write. Take a moment to get out your head to give you more space to be.

3. Go to your favorite place for inspiration

Whether your favorite place to write is near water, your balcony, in your room, or outdoors it allows you the inspiration to come up with fantastic ideas. Being in the same place can be daunting but a change in scenery and especially going to that special place can uplift your spirit by getting the juices flowing.

4. Put on some music

You can never go wrong with playing your favorite song. Jamming out can give you the help that you’ve been looking for. You never know if that tone can be your muse, so turn up the volume.

5. Take a break or walk away

Walking away from that next best-selling book or up and coming poetry can do you some good. If you are drawing a blank or need to breathe, step back from your workspace to give yourself the time you need. This can give you a chance to reconnect with yourself and help you rest.

6. Start from the beginning

What’s your focus when writing? Go to your original thought. What made you want to write? Going to the beginning will help you recognize the inspiration and motivation of why you started to write in the first place. Never give up on your self or your writing.

7. Revise what you have so far

Rereading your work can help you understand your overall message and voice of what you are writing. Seeing if anything flows or if you need to reword something. Revising helps you see if there are any loopholes or if you can expand on some points. It helps you become a better writer by taking that extra step when you revise your writing.

8. Get some support

Your support system when writing is important to your process. Whether that’s your family, friends, neighbor, or mentor they can help you see if you need to reword something, encourage you when you need it, and just be there for you. People who have your back will always give you the best advice while writing.

9. Clear the space around you

Organize, organize, organize is the magic word in this tip. How can you write when your space is a mess? When you clear off your workspace it helps you get into a better flow. Now if you’re a person that likes to write in a mess more power to you, but in this tip, organization is the key.

10. Be your best friend through the process

Be your best friend is the most important tip. Giving yourself love, encouragement, and listening to what you need will help you through the process. It doesn’t help you when you beat yourself up (that goes for any situation), but when you are your biggest cheerleader it makes a huge difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully, these tips will help you along your writing journey and give you tools that you can pull from if you get stuck.

Happy writing!

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